I am excited to announce that I am opening a Etsy store! The name of the store is CharmaineParker, (that’s with no space). I have been working this summer in sterling silver. It has been a while since I’ve worked with just metal, but with this brutal Florida heat taking a break from glass torch work seemed like a good idea! I actually started jewelry making 15 years ago learning metalsmithing. It has been a joy taking saw to metal and I have some wonderful Fretz jeweler hammers that I just love to use. As some of you know I have struggled with a torn rotator cuff from a previous art show and even though its better, ( I am grateful to be able to work with no problem),  I am excited to be able to sell my jewelry online without having to deal with the heavy booth set up. Most of the jewelry I am posting now is sterling silver metal but more glass with jewelry is to come. I will be uploading new jewelry all the time so please take a look! Here is a sample of the earrings I have in the store for now. This oak leaf is sawn from 18 gauge sterling silver sheet, the earrings are polished then textured with hammers. The gems are gorgeous AAA deep sky blue Topaz faceted tear drop briolettes and parrot green Peridot micro faceted tear drops. Address for shop: etsy.com/shop/CharmaineParker    When my web tech, (darling daughter) comes home I will have her link to website. Thanks!

I am busy working on metal pieces to go with the lampworked beads. It’s great doing metalsmithing again after concentrating  on lampworked beads for 2 years. This is the creative process I enjoy the most, bringing together different mediums, different techniques. It keeps me from getting bored! I have been concentrating on sawing and piercing to create designs, specifically nature themed, (flowers, leaves). It is amazing what you can do with just sawing metal and I think it’s good for your creativity to concentrate on one particular technique. I also have been doing Keum Boo with 23kt. gold foil and riveting those parts to the metal

It’s getting miserably hot in Florida now! This is the time of year when we are all praying for those summer showers. That is another good reason for me to work in sawing metal, that part of my studio is in the air conditioned  house!

Sorry it’s been awhile since posting, I have been busy working on new pieces. Making glass beads has been my focus for a couple of years, but lately I was missing the metalsmithing part. I actually started my jewelry making career learning metalsmithing at a local art center. Silver prices sure have gone up considerably since then!! Silver was the metal of choice for beginners it was so cheap, you could melt it, solder, hammer and if it didn’t work out oh well, more where that came from! I wonder what metal they must be using in the beginning class now? Of course all jewelers are wishing we bought lot more gold and tons of the silver back then!  Here is one of my new pieces. I used nature as inspiration. I have in the past  purposely stayed away from the topic because so many artists use it, but decided that was silly because I enjoy the beauty of nature so much. The silver leaves are cut out of 14 gauge sheet to give weight to the design. The photo isn’t  the greatest, but the leaves where given different textures. I also made the circles using 12 gauge square wire and giving them different textures also. The glass beads are made with that fabulous silver glass Triton. You can see this piece in person at Elizabeth Stevens Gallery in Towles Court, Sarasota, Fla.


Cranberry necklace for Ashley’s wedding
My daughters wedding

My host site dropped my WordPress blog service, but they were suppose to save my content when I transferred to the new WordPress blog.  That didn’t happen! All my content in the last couple of years disappeared! Oh well, it’s time to start anew. The update is I am finally starting back to work after two surgeries on my shoulder, (torn rotator cuff), sidetracked me for a year. I have been steadily working a few hours each day for about a month now. Is my shoulder better? Well, let’s just say I am disappointed in the results so far. I went into the surgery hoping to get a torn rotator cuff fixed and relieve the pain. The doctor tried a new procedure, (without consulting  in me!),which the therapist tore out on the third visit!  It will be a year since I had the second surgery on September 18th. I  plan on getting a second opinion with another doctor.

I do feel a lot better emotionally since I started working. Nothing like melting glass and making jewelry to raise your spirits! I love looking at fashion magazines, (Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar), I feel you can see some of the most innovative jewelry designs in them. You can’t miss the trend of animal prints in the fall magazines. This is a classic design in clothes and jewelry that will continue. My Safari1 and Safari2 are based on that classic design. The Turquoise & Green are inspired by summer and the Jewelled is designed in response to a beautiful necklace of rubies, emeralds, and sapphires by Bulgari. Thanks for looking!

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