My name is Charmaine Parker and I am a glass and metalsmith artist from Bradenton, Florida. I have been making glass, metal and beadwork jewelry and selling at juried fine art shows in Florida since 1996. I am so drawn in by glass, because of how it captures light, color and the enormous possibilities the material allows you. I create the glass using fusing, lampworking and lapidary techniques. I also have studied metalworking, beadweaving and enamels which I love to combine  in exciting ways with the glass. What I try to do in my pieces is use the elements of color, line, shape, and texture to create exciting compostions. I continuously draw from my illustration, graphics background and the natural beauty of Florida. I aspire to create the kind of art that is so beautiful and fascinating, like nature, it draws a person to stop in awe.

I have a wonderful, supportive family; my only daughter is a Junior at Hollins University, in Roanoke, Virginia and has helped me set up my website which you can find in my blog links (it’s the first one). My husband also has his own creative streak and carves animals (all kinds!) out of wood and he also works with metal, but more heavy-duty welding projects than my own metalsmithing!

I look forward to meeting new people in the community of blogging and sharing my work and artistic ideas with others.

Charmaine and Ashley

(a picture of myself and my darling daughter, Ashley!)

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