One of the most popular necklaces I made for art shows is this necklace. It’s made using handmade fused rectangle glass pieces that I made. I make them by layering pieces of different dichroic patterns of glass. There are 4 different layered patterns put together like a puzzle. I fuse it in a kiln, then use lapidary equipment to shape the rectangle shape, then fuse again to fire polish. The necklace is beaded using Beadalon 24 k gold plated flexible stringing wire. I used Delica beads, gemstones or Swarovski crystals on a double wire necklace. The connection is gold fill lobster claws. Measurements ranged from 16 inches to 18 inches. I loved making these because each one is different and always a delight when I take them out of the kiln. The fun part was picking out the colors of beads to string them with. I have a couple of these necklaces left that I posted on Etsy.