Even though I have not blogged in a long while. I have always been creating jewelry. Commissions for weddings including my own daughter’s wedding! Necklaces for my new English inlaw families. Gifts for friends, which I love doing more than anything. The necklaces I made for my daughter’s wedding are 43 beads each, which can be worn long or doubled. Altogether I made close to 500 beads! They are made with cranberry glass, dichroic glass and 23 kt gold foil. 11 different types of beads. I have been making a lot of dichroic beads in the cooler weather in Florida, (December to May), and making earrings, which my next step is posting on Etsy. I finally broke down and got a new computer which should make this easier as the old one was having serious problems! I was putting it off because of course with a new computer you have to update everything! Here are pictures of cranberry necklaces, which three of bridesmaids were wearing, daughter’s wedding, which was beautiful.

Wedding necklace
My daughters wedding