It has been awhile since I have blog! I am definitely more a maker than a writer! I finally took pictures of some of the jewelry I have been working on since the summer. Even though we have an air conditioner in the garage where I lampwork beads it is really hot in the summer months and this year summer seems to continue right through December and January! Today it is 83 which is unbelieveable for January. We are supposed to get a cold front, as in the 70’s, tomorrow  and I personally will be happy for any cooler weather! I tend to work on metalworking and fused glass in the warmer months because that part of the studio is more cooler and these pieces are what resulted. I will probally list similiar work with the fused glass and sterling silver for sale in the future as these pieces were mostly gifts and my personal items. I had been holding on to these fused glass pieces for quite a while and felt they where some of my best fused pieces and wanted to be able to spend adequate time making jewelry with them. They are made by fusing many layers of glass and then sliced through the fused stack with a lapidiary diamond saw. I will then cut out the areas that are the most interesting composition. They are further grinded and fused to get the resulting pieces. I feel glass can be even more beautiful than gemstones and treat them as precious. The next step is creating the silver pieces using traditional metalsmithing with sawing, soldering, filing etc., hope you enjoy looking at them!

bracelot 004ex

bracelot2 001ex

rings2 008ex