The art show that I will be in is almost here! Its this weekend Saturday & Sunday March 17 & 18th, 10:00 am – 5 p.m. The location is at Main Street at Lakewood Ranch. For more information here is the website of the art center that is putting on the show

I am busy cleaning silver, pricing (unfortunately repricing some things because of rising cost of precious metal)!  Organization is the key word! When you are at the art show is not a good time to remember you forgot the calculator, or hand wipes, etc. I am really excited, a little nervous because it has been 2 yrs since doing the shows because of my shoulder. Luckily for me my husband will be with me and doing the heavy work. We will be blessed with perfect weather and that is half the battle when doing outdoor shows. I have been in shows when a powerful cold front came through lifting the tent completely up with me holding one pole and a good samaritan holding the other! I ve been in shows where the wind blew all my jewelry off the top of display and it hitting the asphalt ground and thanking my blessings with glass jewelry only one piece was damaged! So I have been anxiously watching the weather especially in March. One of the good things when you are doing a show is looking at all your work in it’s entirety. I believe it is a good time to see how far you have come and pat yourself on the back and say yes I did make all of this! Well wish me good luck, I will post how well it went and if you are in the area please come! This is a great quality, perfect size show and the shops and restaurants on Main Street will be open  with plenty of parking! Here are a couple pics of my work that will be there.