Hi! I am getting so excited about the fall weather coming! For Florida that is the end of October, November and December! Winter isn’t usually until January! I can’t wait for that first cool breeze. I took a hiatus from beadmaking this summer and polished my metalsmithing skills up but I am ready for glass! It’s the color that I love and miss. I am excited about finally having a shop on Etsy, (I know I am way behind the ball here), but taking the time this summer was worth it. I have customers at shows and the people you meet on errands, ( that remark about that beautiful necklace you’re wearing), always asking where they can buy. At the shows they would wonder when your next show was, but sometimes you don’t know because of the policy of having to get juried in. You just never know for sure even though you were accepted for the last 5 years! It will be great to offer another outlet to see my work. Here are 2 necklaces I just listed on Etsy. Check back often because the great thing of Etsy you can list anytime and it’s relatively inexpensive.
This necklace is called Safari and made with 5 different animal patterns. A great classic design that never goes out of style and can be passed on to future generations. The 2nd necklace is 3 tiered with handmade sterling silver rings and my favorite glass Triton.