I am busy working on metal pieces to go with the lampworked beads. It’s great doing metalsmithing again after concentrating¬† on lampworked beads for 2 years. This is the creative process I enjoy the most, bringing together different mediums, different techniques. It keeps me from getting bored! I have been concentrating on sawing and piercing to create designs, specifically nature themed, (flowers, leaves). It is amazing what you can do with just sawing metal and I think it’s good for your creativity to concentrate on one particular technique. I also have been doing Keum Boo with 23kt. gold foil¬†and riveting those parts to the metal

It’s getting miserably hot in Florida now! This is the time of year when we are all praying for those summer showers. That is another good reason for me to work in sawing metal, that part of my studio is in the air conditioned¬† house!