Sorry it’s been awhile since posting, I have been busy working on new pieces. Making glass beads has been my focus for a couple of years, but lately I was missing the metalsmithing part. I actually started my jewelry making career learning metalsmithing at a local art center. Silver prices sure have gone up considerably since then!! Silver was the metal of choice for beginners it was so cheap, you could melt it, solder, hammer and if it didn’t work out oh well, more where that came from! I wonder what metal they must be using in the beginning class now? Of course all jewelers are wishing we bought lot more gold and tons of the silver back then!  Here is one of my new pieces. I used nature as inspiration. I have in the past  purposely stayed away from the topic because so many artists use it, but decided that was silly because I enjoy the beauty of nature so much. The silver leaves are cut out of 14 gauge sheet to give weight to the design. The photo isn’t  the greatest, but the leaves where given different textures. I also made the circles using 12 gauge square wire and giving them different textures also. The glass beads are made with that fabulous silver glass Triton. You can see this piece in person at Elizabeth Stevens Gallery in Towles Court, Sarasota, Fla.


Cranberry necklace for Ashley’s wedding
My daughters wedding