My host site dropped my WordPress blog service, but they were suppose to save my content when I transferred to the new WordPress blog.  That didn’t happen! All my content in the last couple of years disappeared! Oh well, it’s time to start anew. The update is I am finally starting back to work after two surgeries on my shoulder, (torn rotator cuff), sidetracked me for a year. I have been steadily working a few hours each day for about a month now. Is my shoulder better? Well, let’s just say I am disappointed in the results so far. I went into the surgery hoping to get a torn rotator cuff fixed and relieve the pain. The doctor tried a new procedure, (without consulting  in me!),which the therapist tore out on the third visit!  It will be a year since I had the second surgery on September 18th. I  plan on getting a second opinion with another doctor.

I do feel a lot better emotionally since I started working. Nothing like melting glass and making jewelry to raise your spirits! I love looking at fashion magazines, (Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar), I feel you can see some of the most innovative jewelry designs in them. You can’t miss the trend of animal prints in the fall magazines. This is a classic design in clothes and jewelry that will continue. My Safari1 and Safari2 are based on that classic design. The Turquoise & Green are inspired by summer and the Jewelled is designed in response to a beautiful necklace of rubies, emeralds, and sapphires by Bulgari. Thanks for looking!