Welcome! This is my first blog. I will have to admit I am totally new at this! My darling daughter built my website and we agreed it would be a good ideal to put a journal in. It’s fascinating to read artists blogs, to view how they live their lives and what inspires them.¬†But I told my daughter, who is now off to college, that I am afraid of the blog! These kids are so adept at this, and what are all these buttons post status, post timestamp? Oh well, I am off to buy yet another Dummy book, and yes they have them on blogs. Well here goes. I actually think this might be good therapy for me. I am recuperating from shoulder surgery, (torn rotary cuff), and there is nothing more depressing for an artist than not being able to work. The problem with shoulders is it takes a looong time to heal. Unlike other parts of our body, there is not good blood flow to the tendons, so it takes a lot longer to heal.¬†Artists take care of your shoulders! I tore mine by lifting a too heavy display at an art show. I had just changed to a really rocking new display, a Abstracta frame with real glass, but unfortunately the glass in the box weighed a wee bit more than the plexiglass. A year later, multiple therapy sessions, surgery January 12th, and it’s still hurting like crazy! Oh well they say 6 months, give it 6 months. Well one thing for sure I am catching up on my reading. I am on the my 3rd Dummy for Photoshop. Laugh, I am not ashamed those books are good! Well must run, hubby is getting hungry.